Exhibitor Commitment of the Fourth China-Arab States Expo

cas-expo.org| Updated:July 29, 2019

In order to standardize the exhibition, enhance the integrity of exhibitors, and ensure a good atmosphere for the professional visitors as well as their legitimate rights and interests, our company hereby solemnly promises to the Organizing Committee of China-Arab States Expo and the professional visitors: 

1. Our company will guarantee the legality of the exhibits technology without any infringement, the authenticity and accuracy of the submitted materials, and the uniformity of the on-site exhibits and the exhibits filled in the application form. The exhibits shall be part of the industry of a certain exhibition. In addition, counterfeits and shoddy goods are forbidden to put on display. If failing to comply with the above commitments, we voluntarily accept the settlement of the relevant departments of the organizing committee (Possible settlements, such as confiscation of exhibits and clearing them out).

2. Our company strictly eliminates any irregularities such as reselling booths and renting booths in any form; if the above behavior occurs, the relevant departments of the organizing committee can immediately cancel the qualification of exhibitor of our company and withdraw the booths. All consequences and losses are borne by our company. 

3. Our company guarantees to strictly abide by the relevant regulations of the China-Arab States Expo during the exhibition period, and to prevent the occurrence of irregular behaviors such as retail and peddling during the professional visitors' day (September 5-6). 

4. Our company strictly abides by the discipline of the exhibitions and prohibits the on-site manipulation of remote control molds (toys) and other types of goods in the exhibition area. If that were done, the relevant department of the organizing committee has right to confiscate the goods.


Signature and Stamp of the Exhibitor

(Sealed to comply with the relevan provisions of the Expo)      

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