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Helan Mountain National Forest Park

chinadaily.com.cn|Updated:June 23, 2021

Helan Mountain National Forest Park is a national 4A tourist attraction (the second-highest rank in China's tourist attraction rating system) and a famous ecological tourist area in Ningxia. The park is located near the suburb of Yinchuan, capital city of Ningxia, over an area of 9,587 hectares with vegetation coverage reaching 70 percent. There are 898 species of wild animals and plants to be found in the park. The distribution of Pseudois nayaur per square kilometer ranks first in the world.

The park is well-known for its magnificent mountains, dense forest, beautiful scenery, unique cultural sites and various wild animals and plants. It includes five scenic areas with nearly 100 scenic spots. 

Suyukou Cliff Plank Road, 5,300 meters in length, is the only mountain cliff plank path in Ningxia.

Visitors to the newly developed Helan Mountain tourist attraction will appreciate the scenic valleys, waterfalls, rivers, cliffs and forests.

Helan Mountain National Forest Park has convenient transportation. Accessible by National Highway 110, 35 kilometers away from Shahu Lake scenic area to the north, 12 kilometers away from the China Film Studio to the east, and 30 kilometers away from the Western Xia Imperial Tombs to the south, the park has a direct tourist line to Yinchuan city.