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Liupan Mountain scenic area

chinadaily.com.cn|Updated:June 23, 2021

Liupan Mountain national forest park is situated at the center of the triangle formed by Xi'an, Yinchuan and Lanzhou. It is in the south of Ningxia Hui autonomous region, across from Jingyuan county, Longde county and Yuanzhou district, covering an area of 67,800 hectares. 

Its main peak is 2,942 meters high. The mountain's forest coverage rate reaches 80 percent; while its annual average temperature is 5.8 degrees Celsius, annual precipitation is 676 millimeters and annual average relative humidity is 60-70 percent. It is an important forest base for water conservation in Northwest China. 

There are 788 species of plants growing in Liupan Mountain national forest; of which more than 600 are medicinal plants such as codonopsis pilosula and astragalus membranaceus. 

The park hosts animals under first-grade national protection, such as the leopard, and second-grade protected animals such as the forest musk deer, golden pheasant and golden eagle. It is also home to nearly 200 species of vertebrate, 147 kinds of birds and so on.