Events of the 5th China-Arab States Expo

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated:July 14, 2021

Opening Ceremony and Business Summit 

Focusing on the theme of the conference, delegates will discuss how countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative can further deepen their economic and trade cooperation and achieve win-win development opportunities in the face of challenges.


"Belt and Road" Investment Promotion Assembly

Focusing on promoting two-way investment promotion in China and the Arab countries, the event will establish a subcommittee on investment and financing for major infrastructure construction in China and the Arab countries, promotion and negotiation of overseas economic and trade cooperation zones, matchmaking and negotiation for undertaking industrial transfer in the eastern region, multinational companies' visit to Ningxia, and investment promotion in countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative. 

Modern Agricultural Cooperation Conference 

The conference's purpose is to establish and improve the Sino-Arab cooperation mechanism in agriculture and promote Sino-Arab cooperation in the areas of green and sustainable agricultural development, food security, agricultural trade and investment.

Technology Transfer and Innovation Cooperation Conference

The goal is to promote the construction of bilateral China-Arab technology transfer centers, introduce and release advanced technological achievements in electronic information, intelligent manufacturing, new energy and new materials, and promote cooperation in science and technology innovation along the Belt and Road.

Online Silk Road Conference

This conference will focus on the development of Internet along the Belt and Road, exploration of new trade methods with cross-border e-commerce as a pioneer, and promotion of the integration of the digital economy with the real economy.

Water Resources Forum

Focusing on the development of innovative technologies for digital water management, the forum will advance Sino-Arab cooperation in the fields of water conservation technology and water resources conservation and utilization. 

Health Industry Forum 

The intention here is to focus on technology and innovation, lead the high-quality development of the big health industry, share the latest products, technical achievements and service applications of big health industry and "Internet + medical health". 

The 7th Sino-Arab Energy Cooperation Conference 

Focusing on new energy sources such as solar energy, wind energy and hydrogen energy, the conference will introduce new energy technologies and products and promote in-depth cooperation between the new energy industry chain in China and abroad. 

China-Arab Tourism and Leisure Forum (China-Arab Travel Business Conference) and Tourism Industry Investment and Financing Conference 

Focusing on promoting tourism exchanges and cooperation along the Belt and Road, the event will include a leisure tourism forum, tourism industry matchmaking talks, promotion of the Amazing Ningxia, and tourism route visits. 

Oman Event Series

Host Country Events

Oman Exhibition in the host country; Promotion and matchmaking activities with Oman.

Morocco Event Series 

Morocco Exhibition in the host country; Promotion and matchmaking activities with Morocco.

Provincial (City) Events

Henan Event Series

The series will include a Henan Exhibition, Promotion and matchmaking activities with Henan, and Henan-Ningxia Matchmaking Negotiation Activities.

Chongqing Event Series 

There will be a Chongqing Exhibition, Promotion and matchmaking activities with Chongqing, and Chongqing-Ningxia Matchmaking Negotiation Activities. 

Exhibition Gallery 

Clean Energy & New Materials Exhibition 

Displays will include clean energy technologies and equipment such as nuclear energy, wind energy, hydrogen energy, solar energy, natural gas, biogas utilization, municipal waste power generation, geothermal energy utilization and clean coal utilization; as well as new material technologies and products such as graphene, stealth materials and high and low temperature resistant materials.

Green Food Exhibition

The expo will display green and organic agricultural products and geographical symbol products such as cereals and oils, fruits and vegetables, tea, livestock and poultry, milk and eggs, aquatic products at home and abroad; the whole chain display of Ningxia goji berry, wine, high-quality organic vegetables, high-end beef and mutton, high-quality milk products, intelligent agriculture and other advantageous agricultural field technology, equipment and Ningxia excellent products.

Healthcare and Wellness Exhibition 

On display will be technologies and products in the fields of intelligent medical care, telemedicine and traditional Chinese medicine; the latest achievements and applications in epidemic prevention and control, anti-epidemic cooperation, public health, intelligent elder-care, medical and health care integration, tourism and holiday products and others related to leisure and health care at home and abroad; generally, the achievements of the construction of Ningxia "Internet + medical health" demonstration zone will be shown.

Digital Economy Exhibition 

This expo will showcase a new generation of information technology and applications such as electronic information, 5G, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and Internet of Things; and will display intelligent manufacturing technologies and products such as industrial robots, industrial internet and 3D printing.

Cross-Border E-Commerce Exhibition 

This will be a display of well-known international B2C cross-border e-commerce platforms, advanced technologies of China's imported cross-border e-commerce platforms, quality commodities of cross-border e-commerce platforms, and will highlight the Henan Pavilion and Chongqing Pavilion. 

International Commodities Exhibition 

Displaying special commodities, handicrafts and tourism products from countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, and displaying famous and special commodities and non-traditional products from various provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities of China, the expo will showcase famous and special products and old products from Ningxia, the pavilion of Oman, and the pavilion of Morocco.