Yinchuan International Convention and Exhibition Center

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated:July 14, 2021

Yinchuan International Convention and Exhibition Center is located on the west side of People's Square in the core area of Yinchuan city. The first phase of the exhibition center covers an area of 82,500 square meters, with 45,000 sq m of outdoor exhibition hall and 36,000 square meters of indoor exhibition hall.

The center has 1,750 booths (3*3 m) build to international standards.

The center is a modern intelligent exhibition hall integrating the needs of exhibitions, conferences, business negotiations, information exchanges, tourism, and catering and entertainment. 


(1) Yinchuan International Convention and Exhibition Center has a total distribution capacity of 6,000 kVA, which can meet the power needs of various exhibitions, conferences and performances;

(2) The network and telephone configurations cover the whole center;

(3) Hall E is equipped with a large indoor screen (66 square meters);

(4) The halls are all equipped with public broadcasting equipment;

(5) Security monitoring covers the whole center;

(6) The exhibition halls are equipped with advanced firefighting equipment;

(7) The outdoor exhibition hall is equipped with a supporting water supply and drainage services;

(8) The indoor exhibition hall is equipped with central air conditioners;

(9) The center is equipped with large outdoor parking lots (10,000 square meters);