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Take a sip of Ningxia's milk

By Hu Dongmei| chinadaily.com.cn| Updated:January 25, 2022

Nicknamed "the home of high-quality milk", Ningxia is one of the major milk-producing areas in China. With large-scale and standardized breeding, the quality of raw milk in Ningxia has been significantly improved and its main quality indicators have reached EU standards. Now Ningxia is a high-quality raw material base for domestic leading enterprises to produce high-end dairy products.


An employee of a cattle farm in Ningxia's Lingwu city delivers forage to cows via a tractor. [Photo provided to China Daily]

The dairy industry is one of nine backbone industries that Ningxia has prioritized for development, with industrial advantages and a huge market potential.

The region is expected to have 1.1 million cows by 2025 and the output value of the whole industrial chain will be 100 billion yuan (about $15.8 billion). It aims to become a leading provider of quality milk and high-end dairy products home and abroad.

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