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Ningxia Wuzhong: From wasteland to oasis

By Hu Dongmei|chinadaily.com.cn|Updated:May 7, 2022


The forest coverage rate of the Luoshan Nature Reserve reaches 18.13 percent. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Located in the arid zone of the central part of the Ningxia Hui autonomous region, the Luoshan National Nature Reserve is one of the three major natural forest areas in the autonomous region and an important water conservation forest area.

Renowned as the "emerald of the desert", it is of great significance for Ningxia as an ecological buffer zone in Northwest China.

It is reported that the total area of the Luoshan Nature Reserve is 33,710 hectares, and the forest coverage rate reaches 18.13 percent.

According to the latest data, a large number of species of plants and animals have been found in the reserve, including wild vascular plants, mosses, macro fungi, vertebrates and invertebrates.

The once-deserted area has now been transformed into an ecological oasis, and plays an important role in Ningxia's biodiversity and ecological protection.