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Women researcher drives rural vitalization in Ningxia

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated:May 18, 2022


Wu Xiarui, a young doctor from Ningxia Hui autonomous region, gave up her career as a university teacher and returned to her hometown to promote quinoa planting.

"I particularly want to see crops flourishing and villagers' wallets expanding in my hometown!" said Wu, whose hometown once had a vast tract of salt marshes.

For years, she has measured the environmental data little by little to improve the soil. Also, she made continuous efforts to popularize the quinoa. In order to reduce risks of the local villagers, she provided them seeds free of charge, and signed purchase agreements with them.

In 2016, Wu won the gold medal of "Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition" in Ningxia, and was recommended to star in CCTV's program "We Are the Hero". She then had opportunities to promote her hometown as well as her scientific research results on quinoa.

Highly regarded by venture capital firms, Wu got support to be innovative and drive  the farming industry.

At present, more and more people get to know about quinoa, and business partners have come from all over the country. The cultivated area has exceeded 2,500 hectares nationwide.

Over a thousand of farmers in Ningxia are putting more money into their pockets. Each household can achieve an annual income increase of 20,000 ($3,030) to 30,000 yuan.