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Associate professor at JISU marvels at the speed of China's development and its responsibility as a big country

By Hu Dongmei in Yinchuan and Hou Lina|chinadaily.com.cn|Updated:August 16, 2021

As an associate professor at Jinlin International Studies University, Dr. Asmaa has been working in China for almost ten years. China's rapid development and tremendous changes amaze her. From her perspective, China is a big country with much responsibility, who not only pays attention to its own development, but also seeks to stimulate the countries and regions involved in the BRI.

As an important bridge and participant on the ancient Silk Road, the Arab world has a profound connection with China, said the Egyptian professor. With the BRI promoting communication and cooperation between the two sides, Arab countries and regions will endeavor to build a China-Arab community and secure mutual benefits, added Dr. Asmaa.

Amid the global outbreak of COVID-19, not only has China successfully contained the pandemic in its own country, but it has also donated supplies of Chinese-made vaccines to many other countries. Dr. Asmaa sincerely appreciates China for its dependability.

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